Dru Blair: Airbrush – Monochromatic Portrait Workshop


23. – 25. April 2018 – Early Bird price extended till 25.03.2018

Skill level required: Beginner

This hands-on workshop covers the techniques and approaches to monochromatic portrait illustration as seen in the paintings on this page. Emphasis will be placed on developing improved observational skills for painting an entire portrait in a single monochromatic color. Dru Blair will demonstrate the techniques of painting photorealistic skin texture, hair, lips, eyes, backgrounds, and many other attributes. The students will learn to recreate reality with extreme accuracy and precision.

 Day 1 – 2
10:00 class begins
12:30 lunch
14:00 resume class
18:30 open studio
 Day 3
10:00 class begins
12:30 lunch
14:00 resume class
18:00 end of workshop

What you will learn

  • How to create skin texture
  • How to discern problems in your paintings that might otherwise have gone unnoticed
  • How to develop observation techniques to expand your visual discrimination
  • How to make hair look real
  • Rendering facial details such as skin texture, hair, lips, and eyes with accuracy
  • Split paper/frisket techniques
  • Different types of shields and when to use them
  • Why value matters
  • When to use the bounce method
  • eraser techniques that will make a difference in your art
  • discerning and managing edges and transitions
  • masking techniques that work
  • When and where detail matters most
  • How to survive catastrophic errors
  • Opaque or Transparent? How to chose
  • A simple household product that can enhance your painting
  • Understanding simultaneous contrast and the role it plays in your paintings

On-site accommodations are available:

  • Picturesque rural setting in the Flumserbergen
  • Rooms with 2 – 4 beds and a washbasin with cold and warm water
  • Big kitchen with the possible to prepare own meals
  • Possibility to continue working on the portrait in the evening

Early Bird Price*: CHF 450.00 / € 375.00

Regular Price: CHF 477.00 / € 399.00

Accommodation costs without meals per night: CHF 45.00 / € 38.00


In principle, all materials are provided. If you already have an airbrush and a compressor, please bring it with you.

* Early Bird Price valid until 25. March 2018

To book your place, please send a eMail to: Trinity Beauty & Boutique